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When it comes to your junk, Spartan Junk Removal does the hard work for you. It can take hours to clear debris from an area, loading, trash hauling and disposing of it can make your job even longer and more difficult. Let Spartan Junk Removal do all the heavy lifting and disposing, freeing up your valuable time and energy for more important things. We remove your items safely, efficiently, affordably and responsibly, maximizing your recycling options and minimizing the burden on our landfills. We want to give you the peace of mind you need so that you can get on with your normal day-to-day responsibilities free of excess junk and debris.

We handle both residential junk & trash hauling and business junk removal, and light demolition from a single item to several truckloads. What you've got, we can get rid of. Spartan Junk Removal team is friendly, experienced, uniformed and always arrives on time. Point us in the right direction and the problem is gone, no fuss and no effort.

We offer a full 10% discount to:

Senior Citizens
First Responders

If you want junk removed efficiently, by friendly folk who arrive when they say they will, do the job, clean up and dispose of it safely and responsibly for a competitive price, we're the team for you. Click here to book now - we're open 7 days a week


Residential Junk Removal Services

    • Eviction Clean Outs
    • Spring & Fall Clean Ups
    • Trash & Debris Removal
    • Foreclosure Junk Removal

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Additional Services

Need to reclaim some valuable space? Our Residential Junk Removal Services are perfect for Spring and Fall clean-ups, Trash and Debris Removal, Hoarding situations, and Estate Clean-outs. When you're ready to clear it out, give us a call and we'll give you an estimate.


Commercial Junk Removal Services

  • Office Space Clean Outs
  • Warehouse Clean Ups
  • Resturant Junk Removal
  • Storage Unit Clean Ups

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Additional Services

Our commercial Junk Removal Service includes the clean-up of office spaces, warehouses, restaurants, storage units, and almost any other space that needs to be cleared. Call us, we'll get it squared away fast.


Realtors & Property Managers

  • New Tenant Clean Ups
  • Hoarder Clean Outs
  • Senior Living Homes
  • Eviction Junk Removal

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Additional Services

Was the house left in shambles after a Bank foreclosure, an REO, a defaulted mortgage or eviction? Whatever the scenario, when there is trash, rubbish, junk and damage everywhere., call us. We'll come in and give you the clean slate you need to prepare the home for resale.

Modesto Junk Removal

Our Simple 5 Step Process

1. Make Your Appointment

A quick phone call or online booking will get us onsite to give you an accurate, no-obligation estimate and a date for the removal.

2. We'll Keep You Informed of Arrival Time

We know you're busy and don't have time to waste waiting for contractors who don't come when they say they will. (So frustrating!) We pride ourselves on our timekeeping and won't leave you hanging - we'll phone just to reassure you we are on our way.

3. When We Arrive

Our professional technicians will consult with you and after you've chosen what you want to keep, everything else - will be removed quickly and safely.

4. We Get To Work

All that junk will be gone as if it had never been there. Big or small, few or many, Spartan will clear it away for you.

5. The Clean Up

Once all the unwanted items are removed we sweep and tidy up so you'll never know we, or the junk, was ever there. Whenever possible, we re-purpose the items we can, and if recycling is not possible we dispose of the rest legally and safely. We care about our community and the environment.

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Modesto Junk Removal

Text-based junk removal quote

junk removal quote

Simply Take A Few Photos

To get a quick quote, simply take a few pictures of what you'd like us to come pick up and text them to 209.872.0323 We will get back to you as soon as we are able with an estimate based on what we see. To help prevent the spread of Covid-19 this process will also help with our "Zero Contact Hauling" We offer Curbside, Driveway, Yard or Garage pick up during the pandemic to help keep you and your family safe.

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Spartan Junk Removal Get's It Done

No matter the size of the job you have for us, we guarantee to complete the job to the highest standard. We do everything we can to recycle or donate as much of what we collect as possible to give back to those in need and do our part for the planet.

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